Internet governance – Decision by the ICANN Board (March 27, 2014)

France, together with the EU and its member states, attaches the utmost importance to the protection of designations of origin in all settings, including on the Internet. Consequently, France is closely monitoring the process to create domain names with the extension “.vin” and “.wine” envisaged by the regulatory authority for domain names on the Internet, ICANN.

France notes that some irregularities have occurred during the process. In this respect, France reaffirms that it will take a close interest in ensuring that the delegation of these domain names cannot take place unless the designations of origin of wine producers are given a high level of protection.

In general, France calls for the accelerated reform of ICANN in order to ensure that greater consideration is given to the recommendations of states concerning Internet governance, in order to develop a model of governance that is more transparent and inclusive.