Development – Digital technology – Presentation by Annick Girardin and Axelle Lemaire of the Development and Digital Technology action plan (December 15, 2015)

Annick Girardin, minister of state for development and Francophony, and Axelle Lemaire, minister of state for digital affairs, presented the Development and Digital Technology action plan.

Launched on July 9, this plan came about as a result of intense cooperation with numerous public and private sector representatives specializing in digital technology and development, and reflects the objective of fostering the technological revolution in developing countries.

Indeed, digital technology will contribute strongly to the success of the new Sustainable Development Agenda adopted in September and, more broadly, to sustainable development in the Global South.

France is determined to support developing countries in their efforts to deploy networks and develop digital economies, and to strengthen the connections between our cooperative development efforts and those involving digital and economic diplomacy.