What is the OGP?

The Open Government Partnership is an unprecedented initiative that was created five years ago by eight governments: Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States). It now has 70 member States, and others are preparing to join.

It has the essential aim of building the democracy of the 21ˢᵗ century, which should be open, shared and transparent.

It seeks in particular to:

  • promoting transparency of public activities and open governance;
  • improving citizen participation in the drafting of public policies;
  • strengthening public integrity and combating corruption, including through the use of new technologies and digital systems.

The OGP currently has 70 member countries, as well as NGOs and civil society representatives. It allows State reformers from around the world to discuss their experience and best practices and to coordinate their activities.

At national level, it contributes in each member country to fuelling debate between government and civil society, through the drafting of “national action plans” that seek to modernize public action and promote transparency and citizen participation.

Updated: december 2016