Global health - International Safe Abortion Day (28 Sept. 2020)


On this International Safe Abortion Day, France reaffirms its commitment to the rights of women and girls, especially sexual and reproductive health rights, which it supports within the framework of its feminist diplomacy.

42% of women around the world still live in a country where the law restricts or denies abortion. Every year, 25 million women attempt to terminate their pregnancies, 47,000 of whom lose their lives and 3 million suffer post-abortion complications.

In a joint ministerial statement with 58 other countries on May 6, France underscored the importance of maintaining and strengthening access to sexual and reproductive health services during the Covid-19 health crisis.

Sexual and reproductive health rights will be a central issue at the Generation Equality Forum which France is due to host in 2021 and which will be organized jointly with UN Women and Mexico.