Development – Climate – Opening of the Convergences World Forum by Annick Girardin


Annick Girardin, Minister of State for Development and Francophony, opened the Convergences World Forum on September 7.

While a new generation of Sustainable Development Goals 2030 will be adopted this year in 2015, Annick Girardin reaffirmed the need to combine the fight against climate disruption and the fight against poverty. She also participated in a panel on the challenges facing Africa in the 21st century during which she talked about the role of innovation as a means of achieving economic growth that will not leave anyone by the wayside and will safeguard the continent’s future.

The Convergences World Forum is Europe’s leading platform for reflection aimed at building new convergences of views between public and private actors, researchers, representatives of NGOs and the media with the aim of promoting sustainable development and combating exclusion in the countries of the North and the South.