Africa – Development – Annick Girardin’s participation in the "Africa Beyond 2015" Forum (Berlin, 09.09.2015)


Annick Girardin, Minister of State for Development and Francophony, participated in the "Africa Beyond 2015" Forum.

This annual forum, jointly organized by Germany, the OECD and the African Union, brings together political leaders, economists and researchers to discuss the prospects for growth and development on the African continent. This year, the forum will focus more specifically on demographic issues and the consequences of climate disruption on agriculture. During the forum, Annick Girardin reaffirmed the need to combine the fight against climate disruption and the fight against poverty.

During her visit to Berlin, Annick Girardin met with her German counterpart, Gerd Müller, and with Ulrich Schröder, Chairman of the German development bank (KfW).