Decentralized cooperation - Jean-Yves Le Drian attending the National Commission for Decentralized Cooperation (30 January 2020)


On January 30, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian is chairing the National Commission on Decentralized Cooperation (CNCD), which is holding a plenary session at the Quai d’Orsay.

Established in 1992, the CNCD is a forum for dialogue that fosters coordination between the central and regional governments on actions abroad. It holds two plenary sessions each year.

This meeting provided an opportunity to review the bill on policy and planning relative to inclusive development and the fight against global inequality, on which the CNCD was consulted, and which will soon be submitted to the Council of Ministers. The modalities of decentralized cooperation were discussed along with France’s geographic and thematic priorities, which local governments may embrace, such as cooperation with the G5 Sahel countries, the Africa-France summit this June in Bordeaux, and the Summit of the Two Shores.

The implementation of the Sahel roadmap adopted at the CNCD on December 13, 2018, was reviewed, along with the outcome of the Franco-Sahel Assizes on Decentralized Cooperation of October 2019. The terms for local and regional governments’ participation in the Africa-France Summit on “sustainable cities and territories” were spelled out.

Deputy Vincent Ledoux presented the conclusions of his report on the openness of French regions to the priority France attributes to Africa.

The minister offered his encouragement for the work being done to mobilize local expertise, an aspect important to French influence, and CNCD Vice President André Viola – who is also the President of the Departmental Council of the Aude – presented an action plan. Prospects pertaining to the digital sector were also reviewed.

The announced increase in funding for co-financing decentralized cooperation projects should enable a growing number of local and regional governments to engage in international action.