Development – Tenth meeting of the National Council for Development and International Solidarity (Paris, 14 September 2017)


On September 14, Jean-Yves Le Drian will chair the 10th session of the National Council for Development and International Solidarity, which will also be attended by Minister of State Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

This body brings together 53 qualified experts representing actors involved in international solidarity (NGOs, unions, employers, economic actors, parliamentarians, local governments, universities and research centers, and high-level foreign figures). It was established to facilitate regular discussions between the government and civil society on development challenges.

Jean-Yves Le Drian will hold a discussion on the resources allocated to official development assistance and its objectives. As a reminder, the President established the goal of investing 0.55 % of our national revenue in France’s official development assistance program by 2022.

Actions by associations and other civil society actors in conjunction with this assistance will be reviewed at the meeting. A working group will be established to make recommendations to the government to improve the participation of French companies in developing the countries of the South. A strategy will be launched to mobilize the fiscal resources of developing countries.

Also discussed will be climate change, with the aim of better coordinating the reduction of poverty and inequalities in the countries of the South and the fight against climate change. Laurence Monnoyer Smith, the interministerial delegate for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, will offer an update on France’s implementation of the sustainable development goals in the area of climate, ahead of the summit announced by the President to be held on December 12.