French external action for Youth


Acting for Youth (March 2015)

Today’s young generation is the largest the world has ever seen. Over 90% of the 1.8 billion teenagers and young people live in developing countries, mainly where the quality of education and health services is low and there are few opportunities for decent work.

In North Africa, the Middle East and West and Central Africa, the population’s pressure on basic social services, the environment and land is becoming a factor of instability, impacting the governance of States in particular.

In the South and North alike, young people are faced with the challenges of becoming an adult, social and economic integration, mobility and civic action. France aims to provide responses to these challenges and to help the most affected countries to do so as well.

Improving the access of young generations to education, health and decent work in developing countries and ensuring their basic rights while helping these countries address the population challenge is one of France’s priorities in its international solidarity efforts. It is also a strategic issue in France’s international policy.

France’s action for youth is a multisector approach based on the specific rights and needs of young people and on an ambitious vision of their place in societies as development stakeholders and sources of innovation. It focuses on better consideration of young people’s aspirations when it comes to education, training and integration, health, the quality of life, in rural areas in particular, and civic responsibility. Efforts are concentrated in West and Central Africa, and especially the Sahel region where needs are most pressing, as well as in North Africa and the Middle East.