The National Council for Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI)



The National Council for Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI) is a framework for dialogue and regular concertation between all of the development and international solidarity stakeholders on guidelines for development policy.

The National Council for Development and International Solidarity (CNDSI) provides a forum for multi-stakeholders where open high-level dialogue can be conducted on the challenges related to development and international solidarity policy.

Created at the end of 2013 in response to the strong demands the civil society voiced at the National Conference on Development and International Solidarity, it replaced the Strategic Council for Non-Governmental Cooperation of the Civil Society introduced in 2009, which met only twice before dismantling.

What is the CNDSI?

The CNDSI aims to provide a forum for regular and open concertation between the various development and international solidarity stakeholders regarding the objectives, guidelines, coherence and means of French development policy.

Since 2015, the CNDSI has met three times a year. Summaries of its discussions are available on this portal (in French).

A broader format was organized on 9 February 2015 in parallel to the launch of the European Development Year, to invite all of the members of civil society who were interested to participate in CNDSI discussions. More than 400 people attended this one-day meeting of work and discussions focused on young people, preparation of COP21 and the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The ambition we are envisaging for CNDSI was confirmed in 2015 with the introduction of working groups that are able to issue formal opinions regarding topics on the international agenda (such as development financing ahead of the Addis Ababa Conference on Financing). Their conclusions are included in a position note for the attention of the Ministry, with a view to international negotiations or the drafting of strategic documents.

Who is the CNDSI?

The 53 prominent figures that make up the CNDSI are divided into groups to represent the various components of civil society: NGOs, unions, employers, businesses, parliament members, local governments, universities and research centres. An eighth group of foreign prominent figures rounds out the Council (and is what makes it such a unique forum).

The Ministry responsible for development chairs the CNDSI. A board composed of one representative from every group meets regularly to jointly choose and work on the main items on the Council’s agenda.

For additional information, visit the page on the CNDSI in French.

Updated: 23 June 2017