Madrid Conference on Victims of Terrorism (July 9 to 10, 2012)

The Conference on Victims of Terrorism will take place today and tomorrow in Madrid within the framework of the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum.

The goal of this conference is first and foremost to discuss how States can best help the victims of terrorism, notably during the often long and painful stages in the criminal proceedings against the perpetrators of these acts. The conference should also stress the role that can be played by the victims through their testimonies and experiences in the fight against terrorism, particularly in the prevention of the phenomena of violent radicalization.

By participating in this conference, France intends to share its expertise on the French strategy for providing assistance to victims of terrorism, notably through the example of the Guarantee Fund established in 1986 to provide compensation for all of the damages suffered by the victims, independently of the criminal proceedings. A statement and an action plan should be adopted following the discussions.