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NATO – Extension of Jens Stoltenberg’s term of office (12 December 2017)

Statement by Jean-Yves Le Drian
I wish Jens Stoltenberg every success, following the decision to extend his term as secretary-general of NATO.
Since his appointment in 2014, he has been resolutely committed to strengthening NATO’s capacity to adapt in the face of the challenges posed by our strategic environment.
The secretary-general’s personal investment has also been key to maintaining unity and solidarity between allies.
I therefore look forward to continuing to work with Jens (…)

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France is committed to the principle of national independence and mindful of the need to protect its interests in the world and uphold democratic values. It pays special attention to its defence policy and has constantly adapted it to changing threats and developments in the international environment.

Illust: Rafale Marine in, 6 kb, 200x138
Rafale Marine in flight
during the Agapanthe exercise
in the Indian Ocean, spring 2004.
Photo: Sirpa Marine

The strategic situation has changed radically. There has been a lasting deterioration in the international situation with greater unpredictability, a very substantial aggravation of risks stemming from the continuing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and a shift in the scale of terrorist threats. Europe’s defence policy has developed with France’s active support and implies a greater commitment to building up European military capabilities.

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