Cultural and creative industries


Economic and reputational issues

French cultural and creative industries (CCI), which generate substantial export revenue, also contribute to the development of tourism in France and to the attractiveness of the French university system.

The State and sector professionals have joined forces to support exports of cultural goods and services, mainly via certain specialised agencies (BIEF, BEMF, Unifrance Films).

Added to this economic consideration is the issue of France’s reputation and influence abroad, sustained by the soft diplomacy promoted by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the Institut Français and the French cultural network abroad.

France’s position

As a result of its interest in CCI, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set itself a number of closely linked targets for its work in collaboration with its institutional and professional partners:

15e édition pour le Festival du film français en République tchèque
  • reaching a variety of new audiences, particularly among the young, in addition to the Francophone audience traditionally targeted in the past;
  • promoting the mobility of creators and their works, with equal importance being given to facilitating links between French and foreign professionals;
  • supporting professional bodies, the network and the Institut Français. One aspect of this involves working with the Institut Français and the French cultural network abroad to identify geographic and sector priorities.
  • guaranteeing a regulatory environment favourable to CCI by taking part in the preparation and, in certain cases, in the conduct of negotiations on cultural and audiovisual issues by international organisations.

Update : 16.01.13