World Expo 2025 – 100 young ambassadors from all over the world support France’s bid (Paris, 12-17 November 2017)


100 young people aged 20 to 25 from 70 countries were invited to come to Paris from November 12 to 17 to officially become ambassadors for France’s World Expo 2025 bid.

They have all pledged to promote this ambitious goal for 2025 all over the world, supporting the initiatives of the diplomatic network mobilized in support of this bid. During this campaign, which will run until 2018, they will represent our values and will each deliver a letter to the authorities in their countries requesting support for France’s World Expo 2025 bid.

The focus of this bid is youth. Since 2013, more than 1,000 students from all continents have helped visualize this World Expo for the 21st century, the theme of which will be: “Sharing our Knowledge, Caring for Our Planet.” By bringing these 100 young people to Paris, France is launching a bid with reinvented methods and goals.

During this week, they will have an opportunity to become acquainted with the bid. They will visit the Paris-Saclay site and its campus and meet with the private and public partners of the EXPOFRANCE 2025 committee. They will then jointly draft the letter requesting support for the bid that they will deliver to the authorities in their countries.

Lastly, they will attend the official presentation of France’s bid during the International Exhibitions Bureau’s General Assembly on November 15.