UNESCO – Addition of two new French sites to the World Heritage list (9 July 2017)


France welcomes the unanimous decision to add two new sites - Taputapuātea and Strasbourg, Grande-Île et Neustadt - to the World Heritage list during the 41st session of the World Heritage Committee held in Krakow from July 2 to 12.

A political, ceremonial, funerary. and religious center, Taputapuātea is an exceptionally sacred landscape in French Polynesia on the island of Ra’iatea.

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41ème session du Comité du Patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO

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Stéfan W.

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Sur la route

It illustrates the expansion of Polynesian peoples throughout the Pacific, their organization, and their spiritual and cosmological relationship with nature and space.

An addition to a site listed in1988, Strasbourg, Grande-Île et Neustadt is an urban complex typical of the Rhineland, centered around the Cathedral in a region that symbolizes French-German reconciliation.

These two new additions bring to 43 the number of French inscriptions on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.