The musical pavilion "Studio Venezia" by Xavier Veilhan will represent France at the Venice Biennale


At the the 57th International Art Exhibition, the Venice Biennale, the French Pavilion will feature the "Studio Venezia" installation by Xavier Veilhan from 13 May to 26 November.

Illust: Studio Venezia (...), 27.7 kb, 720x360
Studio Venezia - Preliminary Model
© Veilhan / ADAGP, 2017

Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and its agency, Institut Français, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the French Pavilion will represent France at the Venice Art Biennale.

Along with the Architecture Biennale and the Venice Film Festival, the Venice Art Biennale is one of the world’s the most prestigious contemporary art events and promotes a wide range of talented artists.

This year, this art installation specifically designed to travel will be enjoyed well beyond Venice.

The Studio Venezia recording studio by Xavier Veilhan

The French Pavilion of the 2017 Venice Biennale has been transformed by Xavier Veilhan into a recording studio where professional musicians from all over the world will play and record live over the entire course of the exhibition. The musicians have been invited by the artist and the Pavilion’s curators, Christian Marclay and Lionel Boveri. The art installation plays on volumes and interior design of the French Pavilion space, drawing inspiration from the “studio” feel of both a recording studio and an artist studio. Visitors can discover amazing musical instruments, including those made specifically for this event, and hear musicians from every walk of life throughout the Venice Biennale.

Working as a team is a central idea of the studio of Xavier Veilhan, who insisted on incorporating this collaborative aspect. Many instruments have been installed in the French Pavilion, which was designed in 1912 by the Venetian engineer Faust Finzi, so that musicians with different backgrounds can perform there, individually or as part of a group.

Some one hundred musicians from all over the world are coming to Venice to work, compose and play for an audience of art lovers. An on-line platform will also stream sounds live from the Pavilion.

Venice is the first stop of Xavier Veilhan’s travelling art installation. Having been invited by several partners working with the Institut Français, Studio Venezia in 2017 will become Studio Buenos Aires and then Studio Lisboa. The art installation will be presented in June 2018 at the Nester Kirchner Cultural Centre of Buenos Aires then in the autumn at the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon.

Who is Xavier Veilhan, the artist representing France at the 2017 Venice Biennale?

Born in 1963, Xavier Veilhan lives and works in Paris. His work in sculpture, painting, video, photography and art installations aims to reproduce what is real, specifically biological and technological aspects in archetypal, generic and prototypical forms questioning the past and present modes of representation.

Illust: Xavier Veilhan, 745.2 kb, 1500x750
Xavier Veilhan
© Diane Arques / Veilhan / ADAGP, 2017