France bids to host the 2025 World Expo


With an ambitious and contemporary theme: “Knowledge to share, the planet to protect”, ExpoFrance 2025 is issuing an invitation for dialogue and for peoples to move closer.

Key issues for the world and for France

Ten years after the Paris Agreement and five years before the deadline for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be met in 2030, ExpoFrance 2025 will centre on the theme “Knowledge to share, the planet to protect”.

The dual issue of knowledge and sustainable development is a genuine challenge for the world. It has extraordinary potential in terms of exchanges, collaboration and cooperation for all countries on account of innovations. But this progress will only be meaningful if it is shared by all and has the aims of preserving our planet, showcasing cultures and ensuring prosperity of all regions and countries.

France is one of the most committed countries to sustainable development. Its involvement in international forums, its European leadership and its work to promote the French-speaking world will all be decisive factors in the resonation of this theme and the success of the World Expo.

Reviving the spirit of the great World Expos of the past

France was one of the leading artisans behind World Expos with nations from the world over participating. It held four World Expos in the 19th century (1855, 1867, 1878, 1889, 1900), which were the opportunity to generate extraordinary synergies between peoples. Some of the most visited and famous monuments of the capital, including the Eiffel Tour, the Grand Palais and the Petit Palais, and Trocadéro, were left to us as a legacy by these magnificent events.

Building on the experiences making for successful expositions in the past, ExpoFrance 2025 would like to revive the concept with new technologies and innovation.

A hot bed for science and creativity, the Paris-Saclay plateau will be home to the Global Village, designed as a place for exchanges and sharing. It will provide all countries new opportunities for events, demonstrations and meetings, and international promotion.

Beyond 2025, the global village will be turned into a universal campus so that countries who so wish can provide residences for their young people (students, entrepreneurs, artists) on one of the most dynamic sites in the world.

A widely supported project

All of France has already shown their support for this project, from President Macron to everyday citizens, local governments, the economic world and civil society.

In the past few years, France has displayed outstanding expertise in organizing international events, whether with the Euro 2016 or the COP21, in a safe and congenial atmosphere.

The entire savoir-faire of France, the number one tourist destination in the world, will be put at the service of ExpoFrance 2025 visitors so that they have an unforgettable experience.

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