Regional 4M forum - Tbilisi (November 14 &15, 2013)

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View of Tblilisi (source : CFI)

The internet and online media: New practices, new tools

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia declared their independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991, but over 20 years later concerns with freedom of the media and freedom of expression still linger.
Editorial independence is often questionable and few media outlets are financially self-sustainable.

Conflict and political instability has also created more obstacles for journalists, while the media in all three countries, for whatever reason, rarely reports on anything other than national news, usually in the capital. International news is usually copy and pasted from foreign media sources.

Yet, in recent years, that situation has started to change as more journalists along with a new generation of citizen journalists embrace the Internet. Have online tools opened up the region and empowered better coverage both nationally and internationally?

And if so, what remains to be done?