Environment – International Marine Protected Areas Congress (4-8 September 2017)


The fourth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC) is being held from 4 to 8 September in La Serena, Chile. M. Serge Segura, Ambassador for the Oceans, will represent France at the high-level segment on 9 September.

The high-level segment will provide an opportunity to pass on the political appeal for action on marine protected areas which emerged from international consultation involving many stakeholders. Two panels will discuss the management of marine protected areas in the context of global changes, and the role of civil society and local communities in the effective management of marine protected areas.

France, which hosted the previous congress, played an active role in organizing this congress, alongside Chile. The event brings together the main stakeholders in the marine environment every four years, to work on protection and sustainable development measures for the oceans.

Marine protected areas are an effective instrument for combating the many human threats to the marine environment. At the congress, their key role in climate change mitigation and adaptation will be highlighted. Two issues will be given special attention: marine protected areas outside national jurisdictions, and innovative methods of sustainable finance for marine areas.

France has the world’s second-largest marine territory and recognized expertise on marine protected areas. It will present many projects and take an active part in the events planned.

The actions carried out by France, which will be highlighted at the congress, include: the Agoa sanctuary and its international extension in the Caribbean (CARI’MAM project), marine protected areas policy in the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (the French Southern Lands Nature Reserve, the Glorieuses Marine Nature Park) the monitoring of marine protected areas, the international “sustainable islands” label, marine education areas, France’s support for the creation of marine protected areas in the framework of negotiations for a new agreement at the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, support for UNESCO in the future listing of marine sites as world heritage sites, support for the Sustainable Ocean Initiative and the Convention on Biological Diversity, and support for the creation of the Ocean and Climate Initiatives Alliance.

For more information, visit: Website of the International Marine Protected Areas Congress