Environment – Adoption by the UN General Assembly of a resolution opening the way for the negotiation of a Global Pact for the Environment (10 May 2018)


France welcomes the UN General Assembly’s adoption, on May 10, of a resolution opening the way for the negotiation of a Global Pact for the Environment. Passed by a very large majority, this resolution marks a decisive step forward in the international community’s mobilization to protect the environment.

The Global Pact for the Environment initiative, inspired by a group of international legal scholars and spearheaded by the president of the Constitutional Council, Laurent Fabius, was presented at the UN by President Macron in September 2017, with the support of the UN secretary-general and the United Nations Environment Program. The result of some six months of intense consultations, this result will allow this ambitious project supported by France to define the framework for in-depth, inclusive discussions to negotiate a Global Pact for the Environment with all UN member states, relevant international organizations, and civil society.

The planet is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis. France was motivated by the urgency of this situation to defend the importance of an international treaty to consolidate legal values and to codify the major principles of international environmental law, supplementing them on the basis of current challenges. Universal in its aims, this project will offer a common foundation that will not take the place of existing environmental agreements, but will supplement them and facilitate their implementation.

Adopted by a very large majority, the resolution was co-sponsored by some 100 countries, attesting to the strong support for this project. France thanks the countries who joined this initiative; it will continue to work with everyone in a spirit of unity. France hopes that work will continue in the multilateral framework of the UN and that under the auspices of facilitator countries, with the support of the United Nations Environment Program, it will be guided by a sense of responsibility that alone will make it possible to forge constructive solutions equal to the historic challenges we face.