Palm oil - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (18.10.18)


Q – How does France intend to combat the production of palm oil?

A – The government is not combating the production of palm oil as such. It is the fight against deforestation and climate change that are our priorities: When its production fails to meet certain sustainability criteria, palm oil can lead to significant direct and indirect deforestation, in the same way as other agricultural products.

This is the purpose of the national strategy to combat imported deforestation, which is aimed at ending the import of unsustainable products that contribute to deforestation, and which will be published in the next few days. An important component of this strategy is based on constructive dialogue and cooperation measures, in partnership with the producing countries. These will address traceability concerns and sustainability criteria for production, support for small producers, cooperation in the area of research, and land issues.

France will also support the work initiated at the European level in order to achieve progress together in this area.