Climate – United Nations General Assembly’s adoption of the resolution on the climate put forward by Vanuatu (30 March 2023)


France welcomes the United Nations General Assembly’s consensual adoption of the resolution on the climate put forward by Vanuatu, which France and the 26 other members of the European Union co-sponsored. The resolution draws attention to the special situation of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), which are already undergoing the serious effects of climate change.

The resolution seeks to obtain an advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice on States’ climate-change obligations.

France recalls that the Paris climate agreement is the main legal framework for States’ action to combat climate change, and advocates an immediate increase in global ambitions in this framework, which is necessary, as reiterated by the IPCC’s latest report, its analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions already observed and its forecasts for future emissions.

France stands by the developing countries. Every year it releases €6 billion for climate action in those countries. It is also the second-largest contributor to the Green Climate Fund over the period 2020-2023.