Climate – Health – Opening by André Vallini of the 2nd Global Conference on Health and Climate (Paris, July 7, 2016)

On July 7, André Vallini, Minister of State for Development and Francophonie, opened the 2nd Global Conference on Health and Climate, organized by France and the World Health Organization. He delivered a speech, notably in the presence of Ségolène Royal, Minister of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs, Hakima El Haite, Minister in charge of the Environment of Morocco, and the Queen of Spain.

This conference brought together more than 300 participants, political decision-makers, high-level scientific experts, health professionals and civil society representatives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development from July 7 to 8.

They took stock of the dramatic consequences of climate change on human health, all of which constitute challenges that the international community must address in a spirit of solidarity. Air pollution, which is responsible for almost 7 million deaths per year according to the WHO, heat waves, flooding, droughts, the degradation of water resources, and the spread of infectious diseases and their vectors have a severe impact on populations, especially the most vulnerable.

Following the work carried out on these issues during the Paris Climate Conference, the conclusions of these two days of work will be forwarded to the Moroccan presidency of COP22 which is due to open in Marrakesh in November.