Mediterranean Energy Forum (Algiers, 8 April 2019)


“Stronger partnerships for the sustainable energy transition”

The Mediterranean Energy Forum was the first of five forums held in preparation for the Summit of the Two Shores – Mediterranean Forum. It took place at the Abdelatif Rahal international conference centre in Algiers on 8 April 2019.

The Energy Forum aimed to develop responses to the challenges facing the energy transition in the Mediterranean region, especially in terms of regional cooperation and integration. Participants at the Algiers event discussed several themes: renewable energies, energy efficiency, the importance of natural gas, and technological innovation, which has led to new value chains (such as blockchains), the digitization of the energy sector, and the development of electrical interconnections. Special emphasis was given to sharing lessons learned and best practices, in the hope that successful experiments – even at the national level – could be given regional scope.

The forum, which seeks to facilitate the transition towards low-carbon energy models, established recommendations for a sustainable energy partnership in the Western Mediterranean. These recommendations included economic development factors, such as wealth and jobs created by these industries.