Mediterranean Economy and Competitiveness Forum (Rabat, 29 April 2019)


“Better economic integration between the two shores, towards a partnership focused on shared growth and innovation”

The Mediterranean Economy and Competitiveness Forum is the third of five forums being held in preparation for the Summit of the Two Shores – Mediterranean Forum. It will take place at the Rabat reception and conference centre (CAC) on 29 April 2019.

The goal of the Economy and Competitiveness Forum, led by Morocco’s Economic, Social and Environmental Council, is to develop tangible initiatives to address the economic, competitiveness and innovation issues facing the Mediterranean region. The forum will focus on the following themes: entrepreneurship and competitiveness; the digital economy; regional economies; and the social and solidarity economy.

Proposals will be developed during discussions between participants. They will seek to highlight the complementary nature of economies in the northern and southern Mediterranean, support new economic models (the social and solidarity economy, entrepreneurship, start-ups and incubators, new technology, etc.), and develop economic and financial growth and innovation from the social inclusion perspective.