Fourth Paris Peace Forum


Every year since 2018, the Paris Peace Forum has brought together Heads of State, representatives of international organizations and international civil society, ministers, business leaders and key figures committed to peace. The 2022 Paris Peace Forum has launched its annual call for solutions for the fifth edition of the Forum, to be held in Paris on 11 and 12 November 2022. The Call for Solutions is open until 27 May 2022.

Founded on the idea that international cooperation is key to overcoming global challenges and ensuring lasting peace, the Paris Peace Forum’s mission is to bring together all actors in global governance – Heads of State and Government, international organizations, local governments, NGOs, foundations, businesses, the media, trade unions, religious groups and citizens – so that every year they may engage in dialogue under one roof.

The Paris Peace Forum highlights governance projects and initiatives that propose specific solutions to global challenges. These solutions are characterized by their international and multi-stakeholder dimension and their ability to bring about lasting change within global governance.

What are the themes?

For 2022, the Forum is accepting proposals of projects or initiatives on the following themes only:

1. Involving civil society in conflict resolution
2. Protecting civilians in times of war
3. Considering the social effects of the fight against climate change
4. Protecting the rights of indigenous people
5. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for economic development in the Global South
6. Curbing harmful content online
7. Fighting against art trafficking and protecting cultural heritage in armed conflicts
8. Making the digital economy work for women’s economic empowerment
9. Developing feminist foreign policies
10. Protecting the Earth’s orbital environment
11. Measuring the non-financial impact of companies
12. Preparing for pandemics: strengthening surveillance and rapid response within health systems

Why submit a project or initiative?

For leaders of the selected projects, the fifth edition of the Paris Peace Forum will be a unique opportunity to develop their project or initiative. They will be able to:
• Benefit from international visibility and exposure thanks to their physical presence at the Space for Solutions (stand or displays);
• Take the floor to speak about their work and/or share their views on the global governance issue they are addressing;
• Meet and discuss with experts and decisionmakers in their field;
• Receive the Forum’s 2022 label;
• Apply to the SCUP programme for customized support.

The Paris Peace Forum does not finance projects (including projects presented at the event and projects supported as part of the SCUP programme).

Everything you need to know about the Call for Solutions:

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Updated: May 2022