Yemen - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (22.05.18)


Q - What is the goal of the conference on Yemen scheduled to take place next month in France?

A - In parallel to the efforts to achieve a political solution, the humanitarian situation in Yemen requires immediate action. Indeed, the UN considers the crisis in Yemen to be one of the worst in the world and has included Yemen on the list of four countries in a state of pre-famine. 8.4 million people are currently facing serious food shortages.

In this context, President Macron and the crown prince of Saudi Arabia agreed on April 10, during the crown prince’s visit to Paris, to organize a joint conference on the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

We are preparing the groundwork for this conference together with the United Nations, the main countries involved in the conflict and its resolution, and the NGOs operating in Yemen; it should make it possible to:

  • take stock of the humanitarian needs, the assistance provided and the response mechanisms, which must be improved;
  • define the humanitarian actions needed to improve the situation of the civilian populations.

This work, which should be a collective effort, will help restore the conditions for the resumption of political discussions under UN auspices.

France reaffirms that the protection of populations and civilian infrastructure as well as full, unconditional and unrestricted access for humanitarian assistance are obligations that are binding on all parties to the conflict. The only way to prevent the security and humanitarian situation in Yemen from deteriorating is through a political solution and we call on the Yemeni parties to resume the negotiations without delay or preconditions. In this respect, we reaffirm our support for the efforts of UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths.