Yemen - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (18.09.17)


Q - For two years now, the High Commissioner for Human Rights has been asking the UN Human Rights Council to establish an international commission of inquiry on Yemen. Some 100 NGOs are calling for an independent investigation into serious violations by all the parties to the conflict. A growing number of countries are in favor of this, including China, which said so last week at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. How come France hasn’t yet associated itself with this initiative?

A - We are concerned by the gravity of the situation in Yemen and condemn all attacks on international humanitarian law.

We call for a halt to attacks on all civilian populations, wherever they may be. It is vital for the parties to guarantee safe, immediate, and unhindered humanitarian access to populations in need, so that humanitarian actors may deliver staple goods. Only a political solution will bring an end to the conflict.

Within the Human Rights Council, we are seeking the adoption of a text that could garner broad support, a prerequisite for its effective implementation.