Yemen - Human rights - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (28.09.17)


Q - Will France support the Dutch draft resolution at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on an international commission of inquiry into the conflict in Yemen? What do think of the methods proposed by Saudi Arabia, which has threatened the countries that support this draft resolution with economic reprisals?

A - We have repeatedly expressed our concern about the seriousness of the situation in Yemen: We condemn all violations of international humanitarian law and call for an end to the attacks against all civilian populations, no matter where they are. The parties must guarantee safe, immediate and unrestricted humanitarian access to the populations in need. We also call for the immediate resumption of the political discussions under UN auspices aimed at reaching a political solution.

The discussions in Geneva on a compromise text are continuing today.

We hope they will make it possible to achieve a text that will take into account the deteriorating situation on the ground and that is likely to attract wide support. We are notably working to ensure a convergence of views on the international dimension of the mechanism to investigate the human rights violations perpetrated in Yemen.