Yemen – Expert meeting on the humanitarian situation in Yemen (Paris, 27 June 2018)


On June 27, we will host a meeting in Paris of experts on the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

The purpose of this meeting is to examine the humanitarian situation in that country and to find solutions. It comes at a time when important developments on the ground, especially in Hodeidah, demand an urgent operational international response.

The UN considers the Yemeni crisis to be one of the most serious in the world: 8.4 million people are experiencing food insecurity, which could in some cases turn into a famine.

This meeting of experts will bring together representatives of the nations and agencies that are the most heavily involved in Yemen, and which must work together to find solutions to the humanitarian crisis.

The priority objective is to identify ways to remove the obstacles blocking access to and distribution of aid, in ports and airports but also in the country’s interior. Access to the port of Hodeidah, through which more than 80% of international humanitarian aid to Yemen passes, as well as most commercial freight, will be given particular attention.

More broadly, this meeting must review all humanitarian and health needs and consider emergency humanitarian actions, in line with the commitments taken by the EU on June 25, at the Foreign Affairs Council.

Only a negotiated, inclusive political solution will end the war in Yemen and ease the humanitarian situation in that country in the long term. France reminds all the parties of the imperatives: the protection of civilians, the security of humanitarian and medical personnel, and free humanitarian access. To this end, we reiterate our support for the efforts of UN Special Envoy Martin Griffiths.