Yemen - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (04.09.18)


Q - What is France’s response to the results of the coalition’s commission of inquiry into the airstrike on August 9?

A - France takes note of the presentation of the results of the commission of inquiry set up by the coalition following the airstrike on August 9, which killed dozens of civilians including 40 children in Saada in northern Yemen.

It takes note of the regret expressed by the members of the coalition for the mistakes that were made and encourages them to implement the measures announced to compensate the victims’ families and to punish those responsible for these mistakes, as well as to revise the coalition’s rules of engagement.

France reaffirms the need to ensure that international humanitarian law is fully observed in the conduct of hostilities, especially with respect to the principle of proportionality and the protection of civilians in Yemen, as elsewhere.