Yemen – Clashes in Aden (28 January 2018)


France is concerned by the clashes between separatists and the Yemeni army that left several dead on January 28 in Aden.

We condemn this violence and call on the parties to exercise restraint and engage in dialogue in order not to hinder the resolution of the crisis.

The protection of local populations and civilian infrastructures and full, unconditional, unfettered access to humanitarian aid are obligations under international humanitarian law. They are mandatory for all parties and we ask that they abide by them.

The priority in Yemen is to resume negotiations leading to a political solution, the only way to preserve the country’s territorial integrity, restore peace and security in the long term, and bring an end to a tragic humanitarian situation. It is therefore vital for all the Yemeni parties to unconditionally resume the peace negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations.