United States - Q&A from the press briefing (4 November 2020)


Q: German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas called for a “new deal” with the United States following the U.S. presidential elections. Do you share this view, and more broadly, what are your hopes for the trans-Atlantic relationship, regardless of the outcome of the election?

A: We have no comments to make on the results of the U.S. general election; it is up to the relevant U.S. institutions to announce the results. The trans-Atlantic relationship with the United States is, and will remain, a priority for France and for Europeans. As Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian underscored during his speech at the GLOBSEC Bratislava Forum, we are determined to continue efforts to boost European capacity and action, which is the basis for a strengthened and long-term trans-Atlantic relationship.