European Union – United Kingdom - Q&A (14 October 2021)


Q: Regarding the negotiations on the Northern Ireland Protocol, does the French Government believe the problem of access to British waters for fishing is linked to the hardening of Britain’s stance on the Protocol?

A: The two issues are the focus of discussions between the European Union and the United Kingdom regarding its commitments.

We are encountering unacceptable difficulties when it comes to the issuing of fishing licenses, contrary to the pledges made by the British authorities. We’ve asked the European Commission to respond firmly and proportionately, including with regard to possible retaliatory measures.

Regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol, we welcome the package announced by the Commission, which builds on the constructive approach the EU has been taking for several months, making concrete proposals in response to the concerns expressed by citizens and businesses in Northern Ireland. It’s now up to the UK to seize this opportunity.