Humanitarian assistance in Ukraine


From the first day of the war conducted by Russia, France with its partners, categorically supports Ukraine and the surrounding countries hardest hit by the conflict. €200 million has been raised to meet the emergency humanitarian needs and to refurbish essential infrastructures.

Thanks to the coordination provided through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, France’s emergency humanitarian assistance is meeting the priority needs expressed by Ukraine and neighbouring countries, including Moldova.

In response to the challenge of transporting assistance, the teams at the Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS) at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs set up a land, air and sea logistics bridge to transport different types of equipment to address the emergency on the ground from the start of the conflict.

An exceptional outpour of solidarity has been seen among the French population since 24 February 2022, with 1,700 local government bodies and dozens of companies making contributions to help the Ukrainian victims of the war via the Ministry’s finance mechanisms.

I would like to thank all of you for your exceptional work, including the 1,700 local government bodies and dozens of companies which made financial contributions to the support funds created by the CDCS in collaboration with the Delegation for the External Action of Local Government (DAECT).

Stéphane Romatet, Director of the Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS)

A logistical challenge

To address the logistical challenges involved with these operations, CDCS teams have organized over 35 operations, providing 2,500 tons in assistance, including 1,000 tons via the “A Ship for Ukraine” Operation, now in the hands of Ukrainian authorities.

The donations cover the sectors of medical aid, search and rescue equipment, emergency electrical supplies for hospitals, emergency shelters and essentials for displaced persons and refugees, support for mobility of populations, mine clearance and support to Ukrainian journalists; In November 2022, 100 generators were sent, part of the total of 500 generators sent to Ukraine by the European Union.

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Forms of transporting assistance

Tons of humanitarian cargo have been sent through different means. In addition to multiple shipments sent by lorry, a humanitarian bridge has been set up in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior. In the early days of the conflict, ten flights transported a part of the humanitarian assistance to Poland. Two cargo planes also transported emergency assistance from France to Moldova and Poland.

Since 17 March 2022, most shipments have been sent by road, in trucks and semi-trailers. A maritime operation called “A Ship for Ukraine” was conducted for the first time in late September 2022, with the support of the CMA CGM Foundation which provided its ro-ro ship, the Aknoul.

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The other operations for the Ukrainian people

The CDCS has also coordinated a dozen health evacuation operations from Ukraine to France for close to 70 patients (wounded soldiers and children with cancer).

€30 million has been raised by the CDCS to support 18 NGOs taking action to meet the basic needs of the Ukrainian displaced and refugee populations. The focus has been on the refurbishment and isolation of collective centres, increased healthcare assistance to curb the spread of winter illnesses, support for the logistical chain which supplies vulnerable populations with equipment for winter, and by providing vulnerable people with financial assistance to purchase basic necessities.

How can you help?

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has activated two relief funds managed by the CDCS staff that collect financial contributions from local government bodies and companies.

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Updated: November 2022