Ukraine - Situation in the eastern part of the country - Statement by Jean-Marc Ayrault (23 April 2017)


An incident involving an OSCE observation mission patrol took place this morning in Pryshyb (district of Luhansk), in Ukraine, leaving, at this point, one person dead and two others injured. The especially serious nature of this incident demonstrates once again how unstable the situation in eastern Ukraine remains.

France extends its heartfelt condolences to the victim’s family as well as to the OSCE and all of its personnel. It wishes the injured a speedy recovery.

It strongly condemns any interference with the successful accomplishment of OSCE’s mission. Those responsible for any obstruction of this kind must be identified and brought to justice.

I call on all parties to the conflicts, especially the separatists, to guarantee the OSCE mission free, safe and unimpeded access within their area of responsibility and to commit themselves to implementing the Minsk agreements, the only way to resolve the conflict. France and Germany will - within the Normandy format - tirelessly continue their efforts to that end.

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