Ukraine - (Q&A - French official statements - March 9th, 2016)


Q - Your Russian counterpart, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation stated yesterday that the Ukrainian pilot, parliamentarian and PACE member, Nadia Savchenko, is not included in the category of persons entitled to immediate release in accordance with the Minsk agreements. What is France’s position regarding this issue? Does Paris want to hold a Security Council meeting in order to discuss this issue? How does Paris interpret the provisions of the Minsk agreements in the context of the release of persons who have been wrongfully detained in Russia based on the principle “all for all”?

A - Our position is well known: We call on Russia to refrain from holding persons who have been wrongfully detained on its territory, notably Nadia Savchenko, whose health status is troubling.

In general, we call on all parties to release prisoners in accordance with the principle of “all for all,” agreed upon in Minsk.