Ukraine - Meeting of Political Directors/Deputy Foreign Ministers of the “Normandie” format (10 june 2015)


Communique of the chair.

The “Normandie” format (France, Germany, the Russian Federation and Ukraine) met in Paris today on the Ukrainian crisis to discuss the way ahead on the ceasefire and the political process in order to implement the Minsk Agreements in their entirety. The Special Representative of the OSCE-CiO, Ambassador Tagliavini, and the Chief Monitor of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission, Ambassador Apakan, were part of the larger meeting. This meeting is part of the « oversight mechanism » established by the « Normandie » heads of State and governments in Minsk on 12 February 2015.

The Deputy Foreign Ministers/Political Directors of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine noted the decision of Mrs TAGLIAVINI to leave her office. They paid tribute to her work and expressed the wish that his successor be rapidly nominated by the OSCE CiO in order to ensure a smooth transition.

They globally agreed upon the following priorities :

  • Reiterate the key role of the Trilateral Contact Group in order to achieve substantial progress within the Working Groups, which reflect the composition of the Trilateral Contact Group ;
  • Conclusion and implementation of the de-escalation plan for Chyrokyne ;
  • Support an unfettered access of OSCE SMM in order that it can fulfill its mandate, inter alia by putting in place effective and speedy communications between the SMM and the parties on the ground, and updated baseline information and relevant verification on heavy weapons ;
  • Step up negotiations concerning the exchange of prisoners in order to achieve rapidly concrete results ;

They stressed the importance and the urgency of humanitarian issues. In this respect, they discussed the role that ICRC can play with regard to the international mechanism agreed upon in the Minsk Package of Measures of 12 February 2015.

They also discussed about the timely involvement of ODHIR in the preparation of elections, as agreed upon in the « Package of Measures ».