Ukraine - Declaration of French Foreign Minister about the Normandie format ministerial meeting (Paris, 24 February 2015)


The Ministers of foreign affairs of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine met this morning in Paris, in accordance with the decision made by the Heads of State and Government of the “Normandie” format a week earlier.

This meeting followed on from the signing of a “Package of Measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements” in Minsk and from the Declaration of the Leaders of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine adopted on 12 February 2015, providing for the establishment of an oversight mechanism in the “Normandie” format.

We exchanged our views on the implementation of the ceasefire. The situation in Debaltsevo has been discussed and particular attention has been given to the situation in the region of Mariupol.

We, the four Ministers call for the strict implementation of all provisions of the Minsk agreements starting from a comprehensive ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons.

We call upon the earliest possible conclusion of the plans for withdrawal of heavy weapons and their full implementation. We ask for a reinforcement of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE and for extending its mandate with the additional personnel, equipment and financing. For this purpose, we are ready to initiate action in Vienna to ensure that this mandate is extended rapidly.

We call upon all parties to ensure full access of OSCE monitors to all areas. We call on all parties to fully cooperate with the OSCE, with a view at fully implementing its mandate, especially regarding the monitoring and verification of the withdrawal of heavy weapons. We invite the OSCE and the JCCC to closely liaise in their respective functions, in order to support the OSCE to monitor and verify the ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weapons.

We also call upon the Trilateral Contact Group to establish without delay working groups, in order to achieve progress on a range of issues, including the political process, as agreed in “the Package of Measures”, with the participation of representatives of all signatories of the Minsk agreements.

We underline the importance of unhindered access for humanitarian assistance to all areas.

Lastly, we confirm that France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine remain determined to continue taking action in this format and to do their utmost to ensure that the commitments are upheld and the crisis is resolved.

We task our Political Directors/Deputy Foreign Ministers to oversee the implementation of the Minsk Package and to convene as appropriate. We shall revert to the issue whenever necessary.