Turkey – Consultations between the secretary-general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development and his counterpart (Ankara, March 24, 2015)


Christian Masset, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, will be received by his Turkish counterpart, Mr. Feridun Sinirlioglu, tomorrow in Ankara. During these consultations, the two secretary-generals will take stock of the implementation of the action plan signed in Paris on October 10 during the first meeting of the Strategic Framework for Cooperation between Turkey and France chaired by Laurent Fabius and his Turkish counterpart.

The two secretary-generals will discuss the strengthening of our economic and commercial exchanges in order to achieve the goal of €20 billion set by the heads of state and government. They will also discuss our cooperation in the areas of energy, education, higher education and culture.

They will discuss key international issues, especially the Iraqi and Syrian crises, as well as the situation in Ukraine. Lastly, Mr. Masset and his counterpart, whose country holds the presidency of the G20 this year, will discuss the fight against climate disruption and preparations for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference.