Syria – Use of chlorine gas – Informal meeting at the United Nations (April 16, 2015)


Since March 16, concurring reports point to the use of recurring chemical attacks in the Idlib region, in northwestern Syria.

On April 16, the UN Security Council heard from two Syrian doctors who have been helping victims of chemical attacks, including the attack on March 16, as well as a victim of the sarin attack on August 21, 2013. Their testimony bolsters the Human Rights Watch report of April 14, which was particularly damning for the regime – the only actor in the conflict using aircraft.

If verified, the recent chemical attacks would show that the Damascus regime is still not abiding by its international obligations and is acting in violation of UN Security Resolutions 2118 and 2209.

The use of chemical weapons on Syrian soil must be thoroughly investigated. France is in favor of continuing the fact-finding mission carried out by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which is more crucial than ever. Those responsible must be held accountable before the law.