Syria – United Nations - Publication of report on death of detainees (February 8, 2016)


France took note of the report by the international commission of inquiry on Syria established by the Human Rights Council, which published it on February 8.

This damning report illustrates yet again the cruelty of the Bashar al-Assad regime and that of Daesh, as well as their absolute contempt for human life. France notes that the atrocities committed by the regime and by Daesh have again been characterized by the commission of inquiry as crimes against humanity.

Thousands of people, including women, children and human rights defenders, are still being held arbitrarily in the regime’s prisons, where they are exposed to torture and forced disappearances as part of a systematic and deliberate state policy. France demands their immediate release.

France is actively engaged in fighting impunity for the crimes committed in Syria, as when it turned the photos in the Cesar case over to the courts. Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the independent commission of inquiry, is currently in Paris where he is meeting with French authorities to discuss the challenges involved in fighting impunity in Syria.