Syria - United Nations - International investigation mechanism - Appointment of Mme Catherine Marchi-Uhel (3 July 2017)


We welcome the United Nations Secretary-General’s appointment of Mme Catherine Marchi-Uhel to lead the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism to investigate the most serious crimes committed in Syria.

The mechanism was created on 21 December 2016 by the United Nations General Assembly to gather evidence and testimony that will facilitate the investigations and help try those responsible for the most serious crimes under international law committed in Syria since March 2011.

The mechanism complements the Independent International Commission of Inquiry chaired by Mr Sergio Paulo Pinheiro, who has been doing meticulous investigation work for the past five years, despite a lack of authorization to enter Syrian territory. The Commission plays an essential role in documenting the crimes, by identifying those responsible and preparing the work of the courts.

We hope the international investigation mechanism will soon be created and be able to begin its work, in coordination with the International Commission of Inquiry. There will be no lasting peace in Syria as long as the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity go unpunished.