Syria – Threats to truce (April 25, 2016)


France condemns the intensification of attacks by the regime in recent days which have resulted in dozens of casualties, particularly in Aleppo. The regime is still refusing to authorize humanitarian access to the besieged areas.

These clear violations of international humanitarian law, whose effect is to sabotage the negotiation process and transition prospects, are unacceptable. France stresses that there will be no lasting peace without a political transition. It is therefore urgent for the truce violations to stop and for negotiations to resume in order to implement UN Security Council resolution 2254.

In this regard, we back the efforts by UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura, who has been working tirelessly to conduct these difficult negotiations. He enjoys our full support.

Finally, France calls on the international community to renew its efforts to end the violence and proceed with negotiations aimed at achieving a political solution.