Syria – Terrorist attacks (September 5, 2016)


France condemns the attacks on several locations in Syria on September 5.

France underscores the urgent need to bring about a cessation of hostilities, enable civilians to access the humanitarian aid they need, and resume negotiations on a political transition.

On September 7, Jean-Marc Ayrault will attend the Friends of Syria meeting in London.

Q & A from the daily press briefing (06.09.16)

Q - What do you expect from the Friends of Syria meeting tomorrow in London? What can this group do, given that Washington and Moscow have failed to reach an agreement?

A - The London meeting represents an opportunity for the Friends of Syria to continue the dialogue on that country with the High Negotiations Committee, which is actively working toward achieving a political transition.

Mr. Ayrault will reaffirm France’s support for a political solution that will require putting the necessary conditions in place. In that regard, he reiterates the urgent need to end hostilities to ease the suffering of Syrians and allow for the resumption of negotiations.

The minister will also stress France’s support for the moderate opposition. The latter has demonstrated its sense of responsibility in its commitment to a political transition.