Syria – Syrian opposition conference in Riyadh (27 November 2017)


France welcomes the rapprochement between the Syrian opposition platforms at the conference hosted by Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. It congratulates Nasr al-Hariri, head of the new negotiating delegation, who will be responsible for conducting the negotiations in Geneva on behalf of the opposition.

The restructuring of the opposition on a unified, credible and pragmatic basis establishes the conditions for progress in Geneva.

It is now up to the regime’s delegation to engage in good faith in the next round of discussions.

Q -
Do you think that the de-escalation zones in Syria are credible given the offensive in eastern Ghouta?

A -
The de-escalation zones have helped reduce the general level of violence. They are however being implemented in a very unequal manner and the violations observed over the last few days in eastern Ghouta, where several dozen civilians have been killed, are unacceptable.

France calls on the states that are acting as the guarantors of these safety zones to fully assume their responsibilities and to put an end to these violations. All parties have a responsibility to ensure unconditional, full and unrestricted access for humanitarian assistance. In the de-escalation zones, the guarantor states have a special responsibility to ensure compliance with this requirement.