Syria - Situation in Aleppo – Statement by Jean-Marc Ayrault (October 1, 2016)


I utterly condemn the bombing targeted against the M10 hospital, one of Aleppo’s main hospitals, this morning.

In the deluge of violence that has been overwhelming Aleppo for several days now, the systematic targeting of medical facilities and personnel is especially despicable. As the UN secretary-general reaffirmed, these attacks constitute war crimes. Their perpetrators must be held accountable.

This fresh attack only serves to confirm that a cessation of hostilities in Aleppo and access by the civilian populations to the humanitarian assistance they desperately need are of the utmost urgency. As we speak, France is working at the Security Council to put an end to this unacceptable tragedy.

Q&R - Excerpts fron the daily presse briefing (03.10.16)

Will the French resolution on Aleppo be presented at the UN Security Council today?

As Jean-Marc Ayrault announced, France has spearheaded a draft resolution at the UN Security Council which is being discussed with our partners.

The goal of this resolution is to respond to the emergency situation in Syria, and in particular to put an end to the suffering in Aleppo, which is being besieged and heavily bombed by the Syrian regime and its supporters.

The priority must be to silence the weapons, ensure a lasting truce by implementing a collective mechanism to monitor the cessation of hostilities, and immediately ensure unimpeded delivery of humanitarian assistance to all populations in need, including in the besieged areas.

France, in collaboration with its Security Council partners, is fully committed to making this happen as swiftly as possible.