Syria – Meeting between Laurent Fabius and Khaled Khoja (Paris, November 6, 2015)


Laurent Fabius met with President of the Syrian National Coalition Khaled Khoja.

He reaffirmed France’s support for the Coalition, which must play a central role in bringing together the moderate opposition.

Laurent Fabius underscored the need to swiftly consolidate the progress made through the Vienna process by reaffirming our priorities:

  • the fight against Daesh, which France is resolutely waging;
  • a political transition that would remove Bashar al-Assad, but would include elements of the regime and the opposition and preserve the Syrian state;
  • the urgent need to put an end to the indiscriminate bombing against civilians in Syria, notably including the regime’s barrel bombs attacks;
  • and the importance of improving humanitarian access, as set out in the Vienna Communiqué.