Syria – France deplores the Russian veto of the resolution on cross-border humanitarian assistance (12 July 2023)


France deplores the Russian veto of this resolution brought by Brazil and Switzerland. This attitude cements Russia’s growing isolation in all international bodies. Cross-border humanitarian aid remains vital to millions of Syrians. The February 6th earthquake accentuated the importance of this delivery route. There is no alternative route to providing assistance to more than 4 million people.

France supports the continuation of this cross-border mechanism, per the request of the UN Secretary-General and humanitarian organizations. It calls on all the members of the UN Security Council to act responsibly by renewing this mechanism that is vital to the Syrian people.

France is mobilizing its efforts, as it has done for the past 12 years, to support and assist the Syrian people. At the Seventh Brussels Conference, held on June 15, France reaffirmed its commitment to the Syrian people both in the country and in its neighborhood, announcing €540 million in aid for 2023.