Syria – Country enters its sixth year of conflict (March 15, 2016)


As the Syrian conflict enters its sixth year, France renews its call for a political solution to this terrible crisis that has led to the death of 270,000 people, the disappearance of an equivalent number of people, the displacement of half of the Syrian population and major destruction.

France lends its full support to the efforts to resume the inter-Syrian negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations.

It supports the efforts of UN Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura and commends the spirit of responsibility demonstrated by the opposition’s High Committee by participating in these efforts in good faith. The Syrian regime must do the same.

The goal of these negotiations is clear: They must lead to a political transition in accordance with the Geneva Communiqué and UNSCR 2254.

In order to facilitate these negotiations, France calls for full compliance with the truce, while the regime continues to target the moderate opposition. It is also essential to ensure full humanitarian access to the populations in need, in accordance with the Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law, while the Syrian regime is continuing to obstruct access.

France hopes that the announced withdrawal of Russian troops will help achieve a lasting solution to the Syrian conflict.